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About the Author

Nelda A Billups, M. Ed., is a retired public school Lead Educator and Curriculum Council Chair who is now a teacher of Biblical Hebrew. She also teaches ESOL and regularly welcomes immigrants to their new country during Naturalization Ceremonies.

Author’s Notes

Tree of Life

The TANAKH* is truly “…a Tree of Life…” (if) one takes hold of it. I am among those who have been able and privileged to do so.

This Simply Ev’reet Workbook and CD will be an amazing encouragement as you begin to read, write and understand Biblical Hebrew. These lessons will be your Hebrew foundation, the first “rung on the ladder.” Finish this Workbook Primer and then use it as your foundational reference as you “keep stepping.” There is so much more you can learn and apply. You will become more and more confident as your learning and understanding increases. This learning path will be a remarkable voyage.

Contents are my responsibility; please excuse errors and the liberties I have taken.

Included are some of the favorite Names and some that may be new to you. Add your favorites in the section Additional Names of God. Most of the Names are in the Male (M) gender, either Singular (S) or Plural (P); the few exceptions are noted as Feminine (F).

Often in Hebrew literature or other writings you will notice that the English translations may be written without vowels, as traditionally, the Hebrew language is written without vowels.  I have chosen not to follow this practice because English speakers and writers use vowels in the written language. (God not G-d, Lord not L-rd) This is my preference.

My hope is that you will enjoy your Hebrew learning path as much as I am enjoying my Hebrew learning path. I also hope that your eyes and heart will be open to the Jewish people, their history, land and lifestyles.
*TANAKH: Five Books of Moses, Prophets, Writings

To the Learner

Assuredly, this publication will give you an excellent fundamental, important foundation in Biblical Hebrew. This Workbook Primer is an easy introduction and is presented in an uncomplicated format. The many repetitions you will see are crucial when learning a new language.

Follow the instructions, listen often to the CD and complete the Workbook Primer--you will be creating your own Reference Source. The learning ladder is ready for your ascent to higher and higher levels of Ev’reet wisdom. You will have the confidence to continue your Biblical Ev’reet (Biblical Hebrew) learning with further advanced study and/or Higher Education Classes.

Mazel Tov!